Soldering Iron 1220

R 1,075.25

The Soldering Iron 1220 is the perfect iron for service work or an individual that requires an iron that has a temperature control built in. The 1220 plugs straight into the wall, requiring no workstation at all. Soldering has never been so simple.

    • 220v 60w Temperature controlled soldeing iron.
    • Range adjustable between 200°C and 420°C
    • Accuracy of proportional controller ± 3%.
    • L.E.D. Heating-pulse indicator.
    • Zero-leakage current when earthed.
    • Plugs into any 220v AC power source.
    • Simple support stand.
    • Supplied with standard SM100003 tip (EW-303).

    This is a stand alone soldering iron and doesn't require a soldering station
  • Waterless Tip Cleaner

    accessory stand

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