Portosal Pro II Gas Soldering Iron

R 1,035.00

Pro II

  • Adjustable temperature control

  • Internal piezo crystal ignition

  • Ergonomic close coupled tip to grip cool handle

  • Anti-static

Note: Run times are typical – actual times vary depending on patterns of iron usage. Refill times are approximate. Weights quoted are weights without gas.

The Pro 11 is a Professional Gas Soldering Iron

Professional Technicians and Tool Users around the world rely on the Pro 11 for versatile and durable power in the following industries:

  • Automotive 
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Service trades
  • Aircraft
  • Electronics
  • Marine

What are the advantages of Pro 11?

  • Unique patented front end provides extra durability
  • Ultrasonically Welded gas tanks prevents gas leaking on exposure to impact, UV light or hot and cold temperatures
  • Butane compatible nylons and acetyls (plastics) carefully tested to ensure these products are safer, reliable and last longer
  • Anti-static / ESD safe this tool will be a versatile addition to your toolbox
  • Built-in igniter
  • 2 hr run time
  • Ready to melt solder less than 30 seconds from ignition
  • Flameless combustion (solder & hot air modes)
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • High Power adjustable 25-125 Watts equivalent 
  • The Pro 11 requires good quality Butane gas

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