Soldering Station 2006

R 3,915.75

Born from the success of the 3005 Workstations, and the need to produce a smaller, more compact, versatile unit for the new lead-free soldering requirements -- the 2006 surpassed all expectations.

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The fully computerized 2006 works the way you work -- it’s intuitive logic controls temperature more precisely, more efficiently.

It’s what it’s all about. Performance where and when you need it.

The first in the next generation of soldering solutions from Magnum.

      • Supplied with the Soldering Iron 1002 24v 80W and the Soldering Iron 1003 Micro Iron
      • Microprocessor Digital Control
      • PID temperature control set for the least overshoot
      • Constant fault checking
      • Electronic serial number
      • Service warning every 2000 hours of operation
      • Pre-set temperatures
      • Earthed Hand Pieces
      • Temperature range is between 150°C & 450°C (302°F & 842°F) with 2 fixed temperatures
      • Temperature is accurate within ± 5°C of set temperature.
      • Cast iron stands.
      • 1002 80w iron: Supplied with standard SM100003 tip (EW-303)
      • 1003 micro iron: Supplied with standard SM100033 tip (RX-307)
  • Input 220V–240V 50/60Hz AC 180W
    Power 1.5 Amps 5mm fuse
    Output 2 x 24v AC 3A
         Soldering iron 24V 80W 150° to 450° ±5°C
    Dimensions L125mm x W125mm x H100mm
    Weight 2.6 KGS (5.7LBS)
  • Waterless Tip Cleaner

    accessory stand

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