Soldering Station 2004

R 2,863.50

The Soldering Station 2004 gives total temperature control with a digital read-out. It comes standard with the Soldering Iron 1002. Pictures are for visual purposes only. 

      • Stepless temperature selection between 150°C & 450°C (302°F & 842°F)
      • Thermocouple sensing to maintain tip temperature within ± 5°C of selected temperature.
      • Electronic proportional control varies the heating period as required to maintain set temperature.
      • Continuous 3 digit LED temperature display with 1°C resolution.
      • Heating pulse indicator.
      • Units earthed with potential balance socket.
      • Triac switching at zero-crossover point.
      • Robust ABS cabinet.
      • Illuminated rocker switch.
      • Safety-spring holder.
      • Cleaning sponge.
      • Spare tip storage.
      • Potential balance socket.
      • Supplied with standard SM100003 tip (EW-303)
  • Input 220/240v 50/60Hz external 500mA fuse  
    Output 24v AC 2A  (80W model: 24v AC 3A)
    Size L200mm W120mm H110mm  (without spring holder)
    Weight 1,8Kg
  • Waterless Tip Cleaner

    accessory stand

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