SMD Rework Station 3005

R 10,936.50

The 3005 temperature-controlled station is precision engineered to perform on-demand for all your SMD rework and repair. The Hot Air Pencil is designed for effortless removal of the components and the Soldering iron is used for their replacement.

Both the temperature range and percentage of air flow are monitored and adjusted on-demand. The optional PCU (Portable Configuration Unit), used as a storage device for downloading parameters from a PC onto the Station, locks all the parameters including the energy saving mode. The PCCU (Portable Configuration and Calibration Unit) automatically calibrate the Hot Air Pencil and the Soldering Iron to an accurate certified source.

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    • Microprocessor controlled 3005 station.
    • 1005 100W Hot air pencil with air flow button.
    • 1002/80W Soldering Iron with soft grip.
    • Moulded power cord.
    • 1.5mm Round, 4mm Round and 3.5mm flat hot air nozzles.
    • Fine soldering iron tip.
    • Two cast iron spring stands.
    • Supplied with the SM3005 SMD rework kit.
    • Supplied with standard SM100048 tip (EW-305).
  • Input 220V–240V 50/60Hz 0.6 amps
    Power 1A 5mm fast blow fuse
    Output 2 x 24v 85w AC
    Air Flow 1.5 to 10 litres/min
         Soldering iron 100° to 450° ±4°C
         Hot air pencil 180° to 480° ±10°C
    Dimensions L250mm x W250mm x H105mm
    Weight 4 KGS (8.8LBS)

      All MAGNUM Stations comes with cleaning equipment, spare tips and a comprehensive instruction manual
  • Waterless Tip Cleaner

    accessory stand

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